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Genuine boater hat (luxury style boater) Paris :

The boater hat from the glorious Maurice Chevalier era conjures up the irresistible spirit of the "guinguettes"* , just as you would imagine it by looking at a Monet painting. Made at the beginning of the century, and containing three layers of whitened straw, it simply cannot lose its shape. Its leather interior set in ? makes it so comfortable that it is simply beyond compare. (sizes 55 to 61) - from 125 € inc. tax.

*small restaurant with music and dancing

We also make normal/plain style boater hats from 15,00 €, to order in bulk (prices according to quantity or order, prices carefully prepared).

The "top class" wide brimmed hat:

Ladies, we can offer you a very good choice of very exclusive and top of the range hats, suitable for all functions and social engagements. The collection ranges from the most sombre styles to the most extravagant, and all the modern top designer brands are offered at very reasonable prices (our hats ceremony: from € 65.00 to € 250.00 including VAT).

Ladies styles, boater hats, wide brimmed hats ; a choice of more than 500 different shapes enabling you to choose the style that would suit you best.

If you would do us the honour of visiting our boutique, we would invite you to try out our exclusive range on the first floor, where the changing rooms are at your disposal so you will be able to find something to suit your outfit and find the best matching hat.


The genuine Basque style beret:

What symbolises France better than the Basque beret? We would invite you to try "the real thing", whose qualities are known world-wide: made from pure wool which is completely waterproof, a headscarf quality which will not become felted or fluffy. With a leather lining, and made in Oloron Sainte Marie (France), the world capital of the Basque beret.

3 different kinds:
- the "Campan" style- 55 € inc.tax, sizes 52 to 64- 5 lengths of flaps : 9-9.5-10-10.5-11
-The "Basque"- 35 € inc.tax, in sizes 52 to 60- 4 lengths of flaps: 9-9.5-10-10.5

Width of flaps on the Basque berets:
8.5: very narrow
9: narrow
9.5: average
10 : large
10.5: very large
11: extra large (supplement + 3€ for this one)