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The Mouret shop was set up in Avignon in 1860 and has always catered for the people of Province. Nowadays it also caters for various different folk groups in the region and all the Province lovers.


Frederic Mistral felt hat:
This hat is of French origin and created exclusively for us. A black hat with wide edges, in the Frederic Mistral style, and the typical Provincial hat.
Suitable for going horse riding, and also as for every day use (size 54 to 61) - 89 € inc. tax


Wagtail wide brimmed hat

Made in Provence, a few steps away from Avignon. Large wide brimmed hat made of natural straw and sewed together.
This hat is tied at the back, with attractive velvet laces and is worn for folk events. It is also very popular with the women of Provence nowadays who wear it because of it has the look of the country, is very elegant, and also protects against the sun. It is also put on display in the winter time like a real ray of sun in your home. (sizes 55 and 57) - 45 € inc. tax

The real Marseillaise cap :
The Marseillaise cap evokes the image of Raimu, the nautical sea pub, the world of Marcel Pagnol...
This is a real institution in Marseille, and is also worn nowadays in Arles as well as in Avignon. A real queen of the petanque game, its individuality lies in it being an 8 rib style with a wide back and reinforced so that it won't slip down (certain styles also have a band attached inside to told it tight). It also exists in wool for the winter and in terylene for the Summer (Up to size 62) - from 29 to 39 € inc. tax.